What is possible?

Where are the limits, the boundaries?


By exploring our personal limits and boundaries, we promote growth


When we learn, we expand our possibilities further


When we practice we grow our understanding through personal experience.

Through this, we expand our potential, our limits.

We begin again.


Tao de Libertad – The Path of Freedom

On the beautiful island of Siargao in the Philippines our Freedom & Flow Retreats will relieve your body, mind and soul of the burdens of everyday life. You can book into one of our scheduled  retreats or customise your own activities for a truly unique adventure into personal freedom.

Our scheduled retreats focus on the following;

  1. Surfing retreats combined with Meditation and Qigong.
  2. Meditation retreats with Qigong, Tai Chi, Tao Yin

Please check the Tao De Libertad website for dates and rate information, as well as details on all of the exciting tours and activities that are available for our guests.

Our retreats are for those people who are looking for an immersive educational and transformational experience, combined with all of the holiday activities you would normally do while on holiday in paradise.

For a completely unique experience join us for the Freedom and Flow Retreats.







Head Academy Kung Fu

Our Kung Fu schools in  Sydney teach the Chinese martial art of Jow Gar Kung Fu to students aged 3 to 70. We have academies in Leichhardt, Caringbah, Heathcote, Revesby and Strathfield.

Kung Fu is a method of self defence, but it’s lessons will effect the life of an individual in ways which they could  never have imagined. The efforts and gains made through the practice of Kung Fu build focus and discipline in an individual. It is the original form of functional training and mindfulness; fitness, flexibility and strength are all by products of dedicated training in Kung Fu.

Our schools provide an environment for our members to explore their physicality and improve their health on all levels, bringing greater balance and happiness to their lives.

Our academies are world leaders in our art and traditional Chinese martial arts. We have been operating for over 12 years and teach over a thousand students a week. Our programs are focused on effective self defence for our members and delivering all the benefits that kung fu training has to offer.



Surfing Fitness and Health programs.

Aimed at teaching all surfers how to keep doing what they enjoy the most. Surfing.

Everything from correct breathing techniques and meditations to in depth stretching tutorials, Fit4Surf is an encyclopaedia of information  on how to look after the body and mind.

Functional ability, mobility and quality of life is what is most important in ensuring happiness and contentment.  Your health program should take all of this into account; if it is solely or predominately focused on cardio fitness or strength, then you are not practicing a balanced routine. Eventually this imbalance will lead to injury or reduced  mobility and an inability to do the things you love.

The Fit4Surf program has been designed to bring the optimal level of fitness, with the correct amount of compensatory body work to ensure you remain lose, mobile, injury free and in the water where you want to be.

The Flow State Program

A Pathway to Self Mastery.

Seminars, retreats, webinars, one on one training and healing sessions.

Begin on a journey of self discovery and self healing with the powerful Flow State Program.

A system designed to bring Flow and Balance to the 4 Realms of Self.

The Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical.

This system is accessible to all, and even its most basic techniques will change a students life for ever.

In a world of quick fixes and methods of no substance or depth, the Flow State Program provides a clear system for students who wish to begin on a journey; which starts with techniques designed to free our mind, body and spirit from the traps of modern life. Stress, negative emotions, and the lure of consumerism and its false rewards, all blind us to the happiness and true potential that could unfold for us in our life.

Combining ancient Taoist techniques taught to Nathan by his Master Mantak Chia with modern scientific research, kung fu and techniques created by Nathan to impart the knowledge that he has gained over the past 26 years.






I provide appointments for people who wish to explore a path of assisted self healing.


Chi refers to energy and information; Nei Tsang refers to the internal organs. From this comes Chi Nei Tsang, the art of applying Chi Kung (energy work) to the transformation of old energy and information stored in the viscera. This stored energy and information may include undigested emotional charges and traumas of the past that are waiting to be processed.

Our digestive system processes emotion and food in exactly the same way. Things that are hard to swallow, to break down, and to assimilate are stored and digested slowly, over a period of time; some are so hard to break down and digest that they go into permanent storage, where they remain immobile and undisturbed.

These storage sites are well protected; nothing is allowed to leave, and nothing enters. Physiologically, blocking off the faciae prevents the smooth flow of lymph fluids, blood, oxygen, and energy.

In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, such stagnant and congested energy is what enables disease to take hold.

The emotional charges and traumas of the past held in these storage sites keep all our physical systems (respiratory, hormonal, circulatory, muscular, skeletal, and so on) highly activated and hypervigilant – toxifying our entire being, constantly flooding us with stress hormones, and making our entire system acidic. We remain in a constant state of emergency, with all our body’s systems mobilized to deal with imminent danger – even though the danger they fear has long passed.


“Human Beings exist because of the unique combination of forces that are around us and within us. The two main forces are electricity and magnetism. Bio-electro magnetism is the western term for “life Force”, or what Taoists call Chi. Bio signifies life, electro refers to the universal energies (yang) of the stars and planets, and magnetism refers to the earth energies (yin) or gravitational force present on all planets and stars. Bio-electro magnetism, or chi, pervades all of heaven, earth and nature. For the past five thousand years, practitioners of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung have used time tested methods to tap into these unlimited reservoirs of Chi, greatly expanding the amount of healing energy available to them.” From the book, Taoist Cosmic Healing by Mantak Chia 2001.

Cosmic Healing involves the practice of projecting Chi (energy or life force) from the healer to the patient to clean and energise the energy and physical body of the patient.


How can I help you reach your potential?

Contact me or book into one of the classes or seminar I offer to start down the path of realising your potential.