Do you like those biographical accounts of people that sound like they are written by a third party, but usually they are written by the actual person in third person?

I don’t, so I will tell you a little about myself.

I always loved sport and surfing when I was a kid.

Rugby Union, Swimming, Basketball, Cricket, Judo, Rowing, Triathlons  and Surfing were the main things I did from a young age, and continued through high school.

After leaving school, I continued playing Rugby Union for a few years at Wollongong University, and then back in Canberra for a little while but the majority of my competitive sport days were over. Purely because of changing priorities in life, the competitive sports fell away and I continued to do the one thing I loved the most, surfing.

In my 20’s I had a persistent nagging in the back of my mind to get back into martial arts, as I had played with Judo in High School. I had discussed many times with associates and friends the possibility of doing private lessons together. I had gone and done kick boxing classes and a few other group classes of other martial arts, but didn’t enjoy any of them. Then one day I had a friend of mine, who was staying with me at the time, walk through the door one night in a Kung Fu uniform. I was surprised as he hadn’t mentioned it, and of all my friends I had never spoken to him about my wish to learn a martial art again. He had started Kung Fu classes and was enjoying them, so the next time he went i tagged along.

The rest, as they say, is history. Nearly 19 years later I am now a full time teacher of martial arts, meditation, Heart Math techniques and Qi Gong. I would like to say I was a professional surfer, but I have never been that good. In a lot of ways I appreciate that my favourite hobby has stayed that way, a passion, which allows me to enjoy it for what it is.

Teaching however, is a passion, and I am glad that I am able to do it as a full time career. The ability to add skills to people lives that may bring a better quality of life, in whatever way I am able to teach them, is something that helps me leap out of bed every morning.

I would never have believed that one moment, that one night, when my friend walked through the door of our apartment wearing a kung fu uniform could change the path of my life.

Now as I sit and reflect, I realise that all things I have done are a part of me, still there; the experiences, the trials of pushing myself in competition, the personal achievements, have made me what I am today. But, it is the path that Kung Fu has led me down that has given depth, purpose and meaning to my life. Meditation and Qi gong have given me the personal space to reflect and work on myself, and to find out what really makes me tick, what really excites me, what it is that my inner voice is telling me to do. When I sat down to create this website, to bring together all the projects and things that I have going on, it was through meditation that I was able to understand finally why I do the things I do. I realised, for me, that it was never about competition what drove me was pushing my own personal limits.

Firstly, through sport, I did this in competition. With more experience, I see the ease with which competition makes a person push themselves. You see… the feedback of winning and losing, being left behind or dragged down and beaten, is a simple and immediate feedback mechanism. One which is easily driven through the Ego; I get better to stay on top, or I get better so I can win.

Through practicing Kung Fu I have realised a much more difficult, but deeper journey into exploring my potential.  A journey that is carried out completely for oneself and on oneself, not to win or to lose. Purely to get better at something for the sake of seeing just how good you can be. Not to show off or to demonstrate your skills. The training and the practice is the point. There are skills that come with it, but the fostering of those skills is secondary to the perseverance of the practice and the discipline required to do something for no other intrinsic value or reward than to get really good at it.

Lastly, my journey into Meditation and Qigong is similar in the sense that the practice is the point, but the individual potential I am exploring lies deep within my mind and body; it is both a spiritual and physical potential I am exploring. This is a journey within and the rewards for this journey have been both astounding and profound.

So… I find that I am driven to explore my own potential; physically , spiritually, mentally and emotionally through the pureness of individual pursuits, such as surfing, free diving, Kung Fu, Meditation and Qi Gong.

And my passion is to teach people a little bit of what I have learned so that they can begin their own journey.

I teach individuals, groups, corporate clients, seminars, workshops and retreats. Tailored to the needs of the individual.

I invite you to step on the path.