Do you know that negative emotions get stored in your organs?

Do you know that negative emotions get stored in your organs?

by nathanhead, February 15, 2017

In traditional Chinese Medicine the health of the entire human organism is defined as a continual balancing of energies in the body and also in our environment. This theory revolves around the interaction of the 5 elements; Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal and the balance of Yin and Yang within the body.

Many factors effect the balance of Yin and Yang within our bodies. The food we eat, our emotions, the weather; all internal and external factors are working simultaneously on, in and around us.

The Taoist masters, adepts and healers attributed the storage of both positive and negative emotions, or energies, in specific organs within the body.

These organs are paired in a Yin and Yang partnership and are attributed a characteristic according to the Five Elements.

The Heart – Fire –  Is paired with the small intestine

The Lungs  – Metal – with the large intestine

The Kidneys  – Water – with the bladder

The Liver  –  Wood – with the Gallbladder.

The Spleen – Earth – with the stomach and pancreas.


The reason I mention this ancient wisdom is I believe that the specific techniques of Taoist practices which work on transforming negative emotions and growing positive energies within the body are the gateway to eliminating the patterns of stored energy within us, and are also able to help re-pattern the unconscious emotional response patterns that become hard wired in our brain.

I have discovered that this is true because the techniques have worked for me, and in turn my students.

I have read books like the Hearts Code by Paul Pearsell that delve into research on specific cases of energies and memories stored in the body and organs, some of which is astounding. (I can highly recommended reading that book in particular.)

It is good to have some scientific or researched information to check out. In some ways the intellectualizing and researching of “stuff”  allows our minds to lower our prejudgements or biases that we may have. Which allows our questioning minds to get out of the way, and let us do the practice. Or… in turn too much contemplation and study can cloud our judgement by filling our minds with opinions and unfounded knowledge.

Through more than 12 years of practicing Taoist Qigong and meditation I have found that along the way there are many moments in which certain things… just… happen. These certain things can be different for each individual, and usually are of such an inexplicable nature that they can only be attributed to the practices, or techniques that you are engaged in.

This is why I coined the expression “you have to become the experiment”.


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