Meditation Technique 1
The Cosmic Compassion Meditation. Through the cosmic compassion meditation we deepen our experience of the Inner Smile and connect with the unconditional love that surrounds us, and create a compassion heart through combining the spirits and positive virtues of each organ.

Meditation Technique 2
The Microcosmic Orbit.  Learn to feel and direct your own internal energy (Chi), through meridians in the body. We now take the Microcosmic Orbit practice to the next level by creating a compassionate pearl of energy and circulating it through the Functional and Governor channels of the body.

Physical Health
Learn vital techniques to protect you from breast cancer or prostate cancer. These simple massage techniques are easy to learn and are an important tool in ensuring the health of your sexual organs, and overall health.

Qigong Form 1
The Golden Phoenix Qi Gong – A specific set of qigong exercises that includes qi packing, the six healing sounds, and empty force.
My personal favourite!

Qigong Form 2
Dragon Qigong – Activation and circulation Qigong form. Simple movements to create energy flow through the meridians, and activate the palms for absorbing and directing energy.

Sexual Energy Mastery
The cool draw, ovarian and testicle breathing, power lock, orgasmic upward draw, the valley orgasm and multi – orgasmic woman and man. This will also include discussion on techniques for couples who wish to learn about dual cultivation.

Creating the compassionate heart.

Creating the compassionate heart, and understanding it’s importance in spiritual awakening and growth is an important theme for sexual energy mastery. During this workshop, you will learn how to create the compassionate heart, and why it is necessary, important and how it will change you.

Also…I will teach you the most important physical tools for our times. These physical health techniques can help prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer and more. They are imparted in a safe, supportive, and non judgemental way, that is easily understood and practiced.

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@ 3/50 Box Road Caringbah.

Cost is $45


Compassion. The ULTIMATE Virtue.

“The sexual energy practices provide both men and women with a clearer and deeper connection with their own sexuality. Allowing an individual to move past blockages, and the disconnection most have from their own sexual being, health and nature.”

How would it feel to be able to tap into a source of energy that can propel you to new heights of health, creativity, spirituality and longevity?

There is one source of energy in our own bodies that is virtually wasted throughout our lives. Sexual Energy.

Men and women lose sexual energy in different ways. Through specific techniques this energy flow can be reversed, so that little is wasted, and used to heal and feed our soul and spirit.

The sexual energy practices provide both men and women with a clearer and deeper connection with their own sexuality. Allowing an individual to move past blockages, and the disconnection most have from their own sexual being, health and nature. With these practices and individual will create a loving space for themselves and allow spiritual sexuality, and sex, to evolve. The practices also shine a light onto the mystery of the opposite sex, and the interplay of energies between two loving partners. This leads to a deeper understanding of sex and more fulfilling sex life.

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The Flow State Program is a practical system of self-development, created by Nathan Head. The Flow State Program combines ancient Taoist practices of the Universal Healing Tao, taught directly to Nathan by his master Mantak Chia, with over 17 years of Qigong and Kung Fu training and teaching; Plus scientific research and techniques from the Heart Math Institute and the latest knowledge on physical and mental health. It enables the individual to complete an evolution of the body, mind and spirit, by focusing on a clear path of balancing “The 4 Realms of Self”. Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

Through a series of practices that begin with “eyes open” techniques and progress to ancient Chinese meditative and internal energy exercises a practitioner learns to interact and feel the life force (qi) that moves through us and around us, increase physical energy, release physical, emotional and mental tensions, develop self love, connect with your inner voice, improve health and gain the ability to heal oneself and others.

Hosted by: Sifu Nathan Head

Nathan is a passionate Teacher of Meditation, Qigong and Kung Fu.

With over 16 years teaching experience and 20 years of practical application and practice, Nathan has been able to develop the Flow State Program.

The Flow State Program combines Nathan’s experience in Kung Fu, as a Heart Math coach and his training through Taoist Master Mantak Chia. The program is designed to allow people of all backgrounds and skill levels to begin on a journey of self discovery and growth.

Nathan’s goal is to deliver life changing techniques, that will allow people to move past the burden of emotional slavery into a life of freedom and flow.