The Internal Way (Nei Dan Tao) Program is a practical system of self-development using meditation and qigong, created by Nathan Head. The Program combines ancient Taoist practices of the Universal Healing Tao, taught directly to Nathan by his master Mantak Chia, with over 17 years of Qigong and Kung Fu training and teaching; Plus scientific research and techniques from the Heart Math Institute and the latest knowledge on physical and mental health. It enables the individual to complete the harmonious evolution of the body, mind and spirit. By focusing on a clear path of balancing “The 4 Realms of Self”. Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

Through a series of practices that begin with “eyes open” techniques and progress to ancient Chinese meditative and internal energy exercises, the practitioner learns to increase physical energy, release physical, emotional and mental tensions, improve health and gain the ability to heal oneself and others.

Morning Qigong short courses are filled with simple movements and energy techniques designed to wake you up, warm you up, ground you physically and emotionally PLUS leave you feeling pumped up and ready to take on the world.

What is Qi Gong? Qigong works all of the internal systems of the body…the insubstantial you might say. Blood, Breath, Fluids, Hormones, and of course the energy systems of the body.

What are the benefits of Qigong? Apart from feeling AMAZING after Qigong. The specific breathing techniques from the class have been proven to reduce blood pressure and your heart rate. The specific techniques that are taught in our classes have also been shown to create a coherent pattern in  the hearts electromagnetic field. The coherence of the hearts field is associated with an optimal state of function where the emotional state, physical state, organ systems and nervous system are in balance and working optimally and in harmony.

You will also benefit from a specific set of joint rotations designed to lubricate and increase their range of motion, while ensuring your youthful movement capabilities.

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The Pathways of The Internal Way Program.

DATE: 30/4/22  TIME:  7am   COST:  $250

LOCATION:  Online – Zoom.

I will be conducting an in depth workshop, over 4 consecutive Saturdays, on the eyes open techniques of “Cosmic Breathing” the “Heart Smile Technique.  Plus the Six Healing Sounds and the Inner Smile Meditation techniques. I will also be taking you through a process to identify imbalances in the 4 realms of self and then pin point ways to bring these realms into balance. I will highlight for you how the techniques taught in the Level 1 program can transform your life from one of always being reactive and stressed, to one where you operate from your centre, with a greater control over your emotional responses. This allows you the space for creating “Flow” in your life, and when you have “Flow” you have the ability to create purpose in everything you do.

  • Learn how to feel and increase your own levels of Chi (internal Energy) and how to use this new level of energy to improve your daily energy levels and creativity.

  • Learn how to use the Six Healing Sounds and Inner smile to connect with yourself and actually get to know your own body.

  • Understand how these techniques help to change the emotional responses that have been pre programmed into you brain.

  • Learn powerful techniques to  eliminate stored negative energies or trauma from your body.

  • Learn how to build the virtues of Love, Kindness, Courage, Trust and Calmness; ultimately leading to creation of a compassionate heart.



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The Level 2 workshop is a pathway to a greater connection. There is a shift happening as more and more people become aware of the connection between all things. We are all one. The practices in this workshop will allow you to truly experience this on a deep personal level. Discover first hand how to connect with the universal, earth and cosmic forces. Discover the feeling and reality of being connected to everything around you.

Learn the Microcosmic Orbit; a meditative practice that teaches you how to direct the flow of Qi (energy) through major pathways in the body. With continued practice you will be able to connect to the unlimited energies supplies that surround you, using them for healing and increased vitality.

I will teach you the 9 turns meditation. A quick 15- 20 minute meditation that can be used in the afternoon for an energy boost.  Better than an afternoon double shot of coffee, to get your through that sleepy part of the day.

Participants in this workshop must have completed a Foundations 1 Workshop.



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How would it feel to be able to tap into a source of energy that can propel you to new heights of health, creativity, spirituality and longevity?

There is one source of energy in our own bodies that is virtually wasted thought our lives. Sexual Energy.

Men and women lose sexual energy in different ways. Through specific techniques this energy flow can be reversed, so that little is wasted, and used to heal and feed our soul and spirit.

The sexual energy practices provide both men and women with a clearer and deeper connection with their own sexuality. Allowing an individual to move past blockages, and the disconnection most have from their own sexual being, health and nature. With these practices and individual will create a loving space for themselves and allow spiritual sexuality, and sex, to evolve. The practices also shine a light onto the mystery of the opposite sex, and the interplay of energies between two loving partners. This leads to a deeper understanding of sex and more fulfilling sex life.




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After cleansing the physical body and balancing the five elements we start on a journey of creating the energy and spiritual bodies. From here an individual gains access to the higher realms of consciousness and begins to work on the immortality practices of the Tao. This is the gate way to spiritual enlightenment.

Fusion of the Five Elements is the beginning of the Taoist practice of Internal Alchemy and focuses on the interaction and fusion of all five elements and their correspondences, and their transformation into a harmonious whole of high quality energy.