How To Ease The Monkey Mind Part 1

How To Ease The Monkey Mind Part 1

by nathanhead, July 28, 2017

(blog re posted from 2011)

The power of a smile 🙂

When I was growing up, a comment I always received from people was that I was always smiling. As a kid it used to strike me as funny that this would stand out as unusual.
To be honest I don’t know why I am like that, I have just always been that way.

As I got older, I started to think about health and well being, as we all do.
I often wondered if the good health that I had always enjoyed was solely attributed to the fact that I always kept fit. While it would be tempting to credit being fit with my continued good health, I knew of plenty of people around me who maintained similar lifestyles and were not so lucky when it came to serious illness or even the regularity of them having the flu.

Others may say that it is genetic, as we know we have had the genetics argument rammed down our throat for the better part of 50 years. The argument of genetics being solely responsible for illness or disease is simply false.

We are not at the mercy of our genes!

In fact our environment (both internal and external) effects the cells in our body.

Which can turn on or off certain characteristics which may result in illness, or conversely good health.

The concept is very well explained by Dr Bruce Lipton in his amazing presentations “Where Mind and Matter Meet”

I encourage you to try and view this presentation.

So the bottom line is… don’t panic, just because your grandmother had diabetes does not mean that you will automatically get it too.

So where does the power of a smile come in?

Well…. our internal environment

The one that the billions of cells that make up our body call home,

is effected by many things.  Food, atmosphere and quality of water.

But.. probably most importantly the internal environment is effected by how we think and our emotions.

We have chemicals in our body, released by the brain, called Peptides.

There is a Peptide for stress, one for depression, one for anger and of course one for all of the other stimulus that may
occur…..say happiness or the effect of a contented smile. Well… before I came to learn this  powerful information I came to believe that my continued well being was partly due to  the fact that I was always smiling. Now I am no super human, we all feel anger, stress, sadness etc but generally I always try to get through the day smiling.

After being introduced to the teachings of Taoism and Mantak Chia, one of the first techniques I learned from his Universal Healing Tao system was the “Inner Smile” meditation.
For me, the simplicity of this meditation (that is purely built on the power of a smile) was not only beautiful, but overwhelmingly powerful.

The power of a smile does not have to be felt in meditation for it to have powerful and positive effects. Think about the times when you have received a smile from a friend or stranger at just the right moment. Think about the times and opportunities all of us miss to effect the people around us with a smile. Perhaps most importantly think about the times when you may have been able to stop for a second and smile deeply to yourself. You can do it anytime!
Try it now. See what effect it has on your mental state…

Smile! It will change your day.
Sifu Nathan Head.