Qi What is it?

by nathanhead, July 21, 2017

Today we’re talking about Chi you may have heard of Chi it’s a term that’s used to describe, in traditional Chinese medicine at least the intangible;  energy, blood, air and bodily fluids. So in in today’s society a lot of the time when you hear Qi spoken about… more often than not we speak about it specifically with regards to just purely being energy. But inside the body we talk about it encapsulating all of those different concepts. Today though, I’m going to talk specifically about the energy.

As I’ve mentioned in other vlogs when I began on this journey I was a complete skeptic and I didn’t believe in the concept of chi or energy. Even though I knew the science, I knew of Einstein’s theories, and all of the quantum physicists theories about energy and how everything around us is energy… and this sort of stuff. I just didn’t understand, or believe, that we as physical beings had this ability to have a system of our own which was an energy system, and we’re also able to feel and tap into energy sources around us.

I just I thought it was bullshit.

So  I’m glad now that I’ve been able to prove myself wrong through by stepping on to this path and being able to go on a journey of self-discovery.

So today… talking about Chi for the skeptics out there I just want to talk about it in the energy sense. I want to put it in a way that maybe helps you understand the journey that I went on, and how the monkey mind the the rationale mind wants to question everything you know. Even when you feel something your monkey mind is going to say, am I really feeling that or am I just creating that feeling in my mind.

Now at first when you begin the practices if you’re doing something and it makes you feel really good does it matter whether you’re imagining it or not? I would say not. Because, when I first started these practices I couldn’t feel my energy. I couldn’t feel the Chi but the practices made me feel really damn good. So in my own mind I said “well now I know this technique, I have to continue doing it for my own benefit. Whether it is real or not these meditative practices, the Qigong practices, make me feel awesome. Why would I not do them?

So that was the first step in removing the skepticism. The second step is…. Can you feel your large intestine moving food through through its system? Yes or no? No. Before you exercise, or before you feel your pulse, are you aware of your heart beat 100% of the time? mostly not… So if it’s possible that you’re not consciously aware of your heart, your digestion, fluids and bile being excreted from the liver and the gallbladder, all of these functions. You have movement and things that are happening inside you which you are not conscious of at all. Now if that’s the case, then is it possible that there’s also another system within your body? The energy system. A system which you’re also not consciously aware of?  I would say “yes it is possible”.

So therefore Qigong and meditation practice, for me, was a process of switching my conscious mind on to this other system. This other process which happening both inside me, and around me. Of course at first I was going “Am I imagining this? Is this for real, or am I just making this up? Creating this feeling myself.

For me there were various things that whittled away that doubt. Now as I’ve said before… unless you become the experiment, unless you try these things for yourself, you’ll never know. You will never ever know for yourself if chi is real or not. Unless you experience it, unless you feel it. So if you are curious, if you want to know, then I employ you give it a try. What have you got to lose? And if you do find yourself on this path of self-discovery, I’m going to tell you right now, that it’s only going to add positive things to your life. Nothing negative is going to come from doing Qigong, or meditation, or being aware of the Chi and the energy that surrounds you.

There are many different energies and Qi available to us so in Taoist theory we have the universal Chi, we have the earth Chi, cosmic Chi. We have our original force within us, which is in the lower Dan Tien. The original force comes from the Wu ji which is the primordial force, the original force, which is given to us on conception. There’s really deep theory in Taoist philosophy about this energy, and these energy systems. In effect it is almost like a science. Even though we can’t run concrete experiments, other than the ones that we do on ourselves. These practices are based on thousands of years of personal experience which is handed down from teacher to student. So that would be like discounting thousands of years of clinical studies, that in universities or hospitals are only measured by the results that they are achieving for their participants.

As much as we want to rationalize, and our our our skeptical brain wants to disbelieve or disprove these things. I would say to you if you are a skeptic, and you really want to have an opinion on something, then you need to experience it and try it.

It took me six months to be able to feel my energy in the lower Dantian. That’s because I didn’t have a teacher, I didn’t have someone to guide me I was basically doing it on my own. Now I can help people feel Qi  within a day, or within a workshop most of the time. So I persisted as a skeptic for over six months until I felt this feeling in my abdomen. Then of course my monkey mind started questioning again. “Am I imagining that?”  I kept going because I had all these signals, and these things, which which kept me engaged,  my curiosity engaged, and allowed me to keep going and explore further.

so  if you’re a skeptic, try it! See if you can either prove to yourself that you’re right, or find that you are wrong. If you are a believer and you want to get in touch with this Qi, learn how to feel it more strongly, get in touch with the different qualities of energy within yourself, and the unlimited potential of the energy around you then I suggest you get started on some Qi Gong and meditative practices as soon as you can.

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Cheers, Nathan.