The Six Healing Sounds part 2 – The Kidney Sound

by nathanhead, April 27, 2017

I hope you have had a chance to check out the last blog where I gave an introduction to the Six Healing Sounds and I specifically taught you about the Lung Sound.
If not…well you should probably go back and watch that one first…

Today I am speaking about the second sound of the six, The Kidney sound.

Your kidneys are located towards the back of your abdomen and are better connected with, by placing your hands over the left and right sides of the lower back.

In traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist theory the negative energy, or emotion, that is stored in the kidneys is Fear.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine negative emotions which arise from the body directly effect vital energy or Qi of the organs, and therefore effects their functioning; which in tune leads to emotional instability.

As in Chinese Medicine nothing acts or is acted upon in Isolation. So it is also common sense that particular emotions are more closely related to each other, and may in turn lead to a heightened experience of other negative emotions as well.

For instance anxiety about the future may lead to Fear.

So as mentioned previously the sounds are like a tuning fork for the organs and help to reset the vibration or frequency back to an original state.

The healing sound we use to transform fear is CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

When we make the sound we feel it originate in the kidneys, and as it leaves the mouth it takes any of the stored fear with it.
To get a good idea of the feeling and how to practice watch the video.
So anytime you experience fear you can use this sound to settle your nerves and re establish a good vibration in the kidneys.

I have had clients who use this sound before meetings or before public speaking to great effect.

In the next blog I will cover the Liver’s Healing Sound,

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