Six Sounds part 3 – Transforming Anger from the Liver

by nathanhead, May 30, 2017

Is it me or is the world seemingly getting an angrier and angrier place?

People are stressed out.

Caught in their emotional cycles. Expressing anger and frustration seems to be the normal way of going about things these days.
The internet especially seems to be a vast collection pool for this negative energy in particular.

It needs to stop.

And we all need to start with ourselves and in turn try to positively influence the people around us.

All thoughts , emotions and words have a vibration or frequency.

That vibration and frequency lasts much longer than the spoken, written or typed word ever does. We as individuals need to be aware of the lasting negative effect our words and thoughts can have on others. If you want to be a little bit selfish…. then think of what these negative frequencies or vibrations are doing to your own health. If you don’t believe me about the lasting effect of emotions or words….
Think back a moment to something someone said to you in anger, or perhaps an act that was done to you in anger. When you recall this moment, what effect did it have on the physical “feeling” of your body? Did you notice that when you recalled the thought that you also had a physical reaction also?

These patterns are imprinted in us. Each negative experience is stored, like on a hard drive, within you.

The good news is, that like a hard drive you are able to erase these programs or patterns and store some new ones. Some more favourable ones. Healthier ones.

So the Liver is on the right hand side of your abdomen just below the diaphragm and runs for the centre around you sternum right down the out side of the rib cage on the right.

The sound we use to re-tune the Liver is

Practice the sound a few times…so that you really feel it emanating from your liver.
Remember.. The more you practice, the stronger you will experience the feeling in your liver.

So use the sound whenever you feel agitated, or angry.
Tune in for the next blog and I will take you through the 4th sound…The sound for the Heart.

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