Six Sounds part 4 – Transforming Hatred and Impatience from the Heart

by nathanhead, July 10, 2017

Today I am talking about the heart.

The heart is given the the title of Emperor in Taoist philosophy. Such is it’s importance. It is seen as the organ that  gives direction or orders to the other organs.

Fittingly enough in new research conducted by the Heart Math institute they have found that the heart acts like the “intuitive mind” for the human organism. And they in turn also called the heart the “emperor”: of the body’s systems.

Whether they coined this term in isolation, without knowledge of the Taoist reference or not…I do  to know. Most importantly however is the Heart Math’s research on the heart, it’s electromagnetic field, and how the state of this electromagnetic field can effect our health and internal systems, as well as the environment and people around us.

In fact The heart Math institute also discovered through experimentation that the Heart is monitoring our environment and is actually sending signals to the brain to “tell” it how to react. Then… the brain is responsible for creating physiological reactions based upon the hearts signals.

The implications of their research is astounding and hopefully one day be taught to children in school.

You see… we are able to effect and change the state of our electromagnetic field. Very simple techniques (such as I teach in my introduction to the flow state program) can have profound effects on the health of an individual and also the environments that we create for ourselves, friends and family.

The negative energies or emotions stored in the heart are hatred, impatience or nastiness.

The heart is linked to the tongue. So if you think about how we speak  or treat others, then this would be attributed to the heart.

Of course we do not want to store hatred or impatience in our heart. It stops us from experiencing love, gratitude and compassion.

The sound we use to tune the heart’s vibration is HAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW

Practice it now.

The Six sounds are a simple yet powerful set of tools.

The only way you can test the validity of what I am saying is to become the experiment and try them on yourself.

Of course you are not going to erase emotional patterns instantly. But you can effect your emotional state instantly. And over time through practice you will start to feel and realise the full potential of this set of transformational techniques.

See you in the next video where I will teach you the 5th sound.

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