The Six Healing Sounds part 1 – Transforming Negative Emotions From The Lungs Grief

by nathanhead, April 20, 2017

Hi Folks, welcome to my very first vlog. In my last blog, the written one, you would have seen that I spoke about our emotional baggage and how we carry it around with us.

In traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist theory we actually store negative emotions inside specific organs in our body.

So today’s blog and the subsequent series of blogs is all about where that energy stored, and specific techniques that we use to get rid of that energy.

This is a really important tool that I’ve learned over the last 15 years, and this technique in particular has allowed me to clean out my emotions; and transform and recycle them and get back to a more balanced state. A clean slate you might say… So that anything I do from there is operating from a more emotionally neutral position. So these these vlogs are going to be relatively short. I’m a firm believer in using the internet for what it’s for… and that is learning something and then disconnecting. You know we don’t want to spend all our time on the internet… because let’s face it there’s a lot of negative stuff out there, and if you’re experiencing negative emotions and having trouble dealing with dominant negative emotions in your life then the best thing that you can do is get disconnected from the negativity. Whether it’s on TV, the internet and newspapers just don’t read it. It actually adds nothing to your life!

so… Let’s get on to the sounds.

The the first sound that I’m going to talk about today is the sound for the lungs, and the lungs are in your chest… obviously. It’s believed that we store the negative emotion of grief or sadness in the lungs. now the sounds work like a tuning fork this is how I visualize the sounds work. Scientists know that everything in the universe is vibrating, everything has a frequency… Color is a frequency…

we innately know this, it’s in our language, we say things like “you know not I’m not vibrating right” or that “I’m not on the same wavelength as that person”. So we inherently and innately know, and have this intelligence within us as beings. But we’ve lost the ability to connect with ourselves! So the Six Healing Sounds are the first step in learning how to reconnect with yourself. And we actually start to form a connection with each of our organs.

I mean do you know where your spleen is? If not, then why not?

You know… this is something that I found quite stunning when I first started. I didn’t know in my spleen was! It struck me as really bad that I didn’t know where all my organs are. We’re always thinking about the outside of ourselves and how we look at all of this sort of superficial stuff, but we’re not as concerned or worried about what’s on the inside. Until we get sick or  have a health crisis.

So anyway…. back to the vibration…. the frequency…

The sounds are like a tuning fork, you imagine a tuning fork… you hit it and you hear that vibration, that frequency.

So the organs have a specific tuning fork or vibration for themselves.

The lungs have a sound that we use, and we use that sound as a vibration which emanates from deep within the lungs.


We inhale deeply and then exhale any grief or sadness… and we see it come out like a dark cloud. We do the sound enough so that you really really feel that strong vibration, that connection. At first you may need to do a sound five, six, nine times to really get it. You just use the hands to connect with the organ, and then you use your mind’s eye to stare in and you feel the vibration, that frequency, and you feel it deep within the lungs. As you feel it start, then you take it big inhale… then you let that sound, that frequency and vibration emanate from the lungs and come out and be recycled.

This is the technique. As I said you practice that five six or so times until you really feel it.

This will enable you to be able to deal with negative emotions, any grief or sadness that stored in the lungs, on an energetic basis.

There’s no need to intellectualise it… to to latch onto thoughts. When you’re doing the sound you may may find that a thought comes into mind. Something that happened many many years ago, that you hadn’t even thought of since, and you might be aware of these thoughts as they come. If you do, as you’re exhaling just see them and let them go. Deal with it on an energetic level.

You know… I think inherently, on a deep level, we understand that we are able to heal ourselves, and we’re able to connect on a deeper level with ourselves. We just need simple and concrete tools to enable us to begin on this journey. So the six healing sounds is one of those tools that my master taught me, which are so simple, take a little bit of practice… but in the end will lead to such a really awesome way to engage with yourself and begin on a path of emotional mastery. So again the sound for the lungs is “SSSSSSSSSSSSS” and the negative energy that you’re exhaling is grief or sadness.

That’s it for this one. Practice that whenever you can… whenever you’re feeling a little bit sad, or you know that you want to do some internal work. Sit somewhere comfortable focus on the lungs and exhale with that sound.

The next vlog i’m going to give you will be the kidneys sound. So come back and watch that vlog, because we’re going to get down into some fear which is stored in the kidneys.

“Smile, It will change your day.”