Six Sounds Part 5 – Transforming Worry from the Spleen

by nathanhead, July 13, 2017

This is the 5th installment of a series on the Six Healing sounds.

I hope you have read or watched the other 4 blogs, so that you have the background information you need to understand and practice.

My purpose through these videos is to talk directly to those people who want to experience life from a different point of view, who are open to try things, and actually practice them enough to find out if they work, resonate and have a positive impact on your life.

I believe in order to lead balanced lives and feel a greater sense of connection and happiness, day to day we need to balance the “4 reams of self” the Physical, Mental, emotional and Spiritual.

I talk more about the 4 realms of self in my introduction to the Flow State Program and my online work shop.  The flow State Program introduction  is a free video series with some really life changing “eyes Open” techniques in it that you can get access to absolutely free. All you have to do is enter your name and email in the boxes to the right.

Today we are talking about the Spleen… (The What?)
The Spleen stores  negative emotions such as Worry, Jealousy or Mistrust.

The Spleen is located on the left hand side of your abdomen behind the Stomach and Pancreas but in front of the Left Kidney. So it sits in the middle area of the abdomen.

The Sound we use to remove stored WORRY from the Spleen is


Through working with people who have anxiety, I find that excess fear in the kidneys and worry in the spleen lead to anxiety arising, and becoming a dominant pattern.
In order to  balance out and transform these patterns you must really get some good work done with the sounds for Spleen and the Kidneys.

So you have 5 of the Six sounds now, the sixth sound is not related to any organ and is used to balance the Triple warmers or the three Dan Tiens (fields of Chi).

Use these sounds whenever you need them to balance out the specific negative emotion that is associated with each sound.
You can combine them into a practice and do each sound 3-9 times to really FEEL the effect.
When you feel the sounds working, that is when you will be motivated to continue practicing.
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